Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Secondhand Fashion Week: Day 3 - Ribbons and Flowers

I decided to try to take my own pictures today, which was an interesting experience without a tripod. I tried to take some pictures outside, but that didn't turn out so well, so I went inside and propped the camera up on my ironing board. I managed to get a few usable shots, but overall I think I definitely prefer having someone else take my picture (ie, torturing my husband by getting him to take way too many pictures).

Today I am wearing what is probably my favorite secondhand find - embroidered crop pants (actually I think they're supposed to be capris, but they're more like crop length on me because I'm short, I mean, fun-sized) that I bought while I was in Missouri visiting friends. I got to use my friend Julie's mom's employee discount to get them half-price!

I am wearing...
Top by goodclothes, secondhand from my sister-in-law Jen (free)
Pants by New York & Company, $3.50 from a consignment shop
Organdy hair ribbon, salvaged from a shower gift (I think... can't remember exactly but I know I didn't buy it and it was previously used on something else, thus definitely secondhand!)

Liberty is wearing...
Onesie top and pants by Carter's, about $1 from eBay (I bought this in a lot with several other clothes, so it didn't have an exact price)
Mary Jane socks by Trumpette, $2 for 6 pairs from a consignment sale
Organdy hair ribbon, cut from the same piece as my ribbon

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  1. I had to prop my camera up on books and shoes and chairs and dressers, too, haha... it can be frustrating! But your pictures turned out well, and baby's even looking!

    What a bright, fun outfit, btw. Love the yellow.

  2. Miss Liberty is a DOLL. Happy 9 month Birthday to her. :)

    Also, you linked me! yay! Miss you.

  3. Aww.... you guys are so adorable. :) I LOVE the yellow top!