Monday, March 22, 2010

If left to chance...

...I am convinced that all second-borns would not survive. I'm serious.

I realized this today as I was eating lunch with Peter. He was sitting in his high chair and Liberty was next to him in the exer-saucer. Lunch, which was leftover cheesy chicken casserole, was going quite well. There I was, at the table enjoying my food and the sound of the children making each other laugh. I thought that the way they interacted with one another was so cute! Then I heard Peter say, "Here's one for you." Oh. Not so cute anymore. I jumped up from my chair as he was reaching down to give Liberty a piece of chicken. Disaster averted. But no, I then realized that apparently he had already been covertly sharing his meal with her since there appeared to be something in her mouth. Upon further probing it turned out to be not just one something, but two pieces of chicken that she was happily gnawing on. She had been sucking all the cream cheese/cheddar sauce off the chicken... so much for no dairy until she turned one! Lesson learned: do not put the baby within reach of the toddler during mealtimes.

So yes, this leads me to formulate a theory that I have long suspected: if left to chance, all older children would innocently kill or irreparably harm their younger siblings. Clearly the universe does not operate at random; if you want proof that there is a sovereign God, there you have it.


  1. Too funny! And I can't agree more. I'm always finding that my son has left toys around that are a danger to his younger sis. Then you have that panicked moment of "spit it out! spit it out!" lol Yeah, family structure: one more proof that God had a plan. :)

  2. "Spit it out!" is probably one my top used phrases. Peter is always leaving his stickers on the floor and Liberty tries to eat them. I've gotten really good at digging them out of her cheek "pockets"!

    Speaking of crazy kids, Peter just sprayed Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin on himself...

  3. When I was four I accidentally almost drowned my 2 year old brother in our kitty pool when my mom turned her back for a second. When she turned around he was face down, blue and no breathing. She did cpr and he was fine.

    But yeah. We eldest children don't do it on purpose, it just happens that way.

  4. "We eldest children don't do it on purpose, it just happens that way." Thanks Elisabeth. That's exactly what I wanted to say! LOL Raquelle loves to tell all her horror stories about the horrid things I did to her - but I never did them with malice aforethought, honest. :D

  5. Oh my goodness, I completely agree! When I took Joel to the ER because Kailey dumped him head-first onto the hardwood floor, every single nurse, doctor, and chaplain that stopped by told me a similar story about their older kids trying to maim the younger ones.

  6. LOL Too funny Christi! Sounds like she loved it :)