Sunday, April 4, 2010

Secondhand Fashion Week: Day 7 - Happy Easter!

Today I must confess that this is not my actual Easter outfit, since what I wanted to wear was brand new (a $50 dress bought for $7 on clearance at Kohl's - YAY!). Later I modelled an outfit that I would ordinarily wear to church were it not a special occasion. Eddie said it looked kind of goth, but in a cute way. I am also wearing a special ring that my Nanona (great-grandma) gave me when I turned 16. I don't wear it often since it's a genuine opal and I worry about shattering it!

Liberty is wearing the same dress that I wore for my first Easter in 1986! The rest of her outfit was obtained more recently than that but is all still secondhand with the exception of the bunny ears in one of the pictures. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Liberty and I together due to a tragic diaper episode that left her entire dress soaked.

I am wearing...
Black top by Canyon River Blues, secondhand from my mom (free)
White cami by Old Navy (not secondhand)
Skirt by Tracy Evans Limited, secondhand from my sister-in-law Jen (free)
Ring, secondhand from my great-grandma (free)
Shoes by Kenneth Cole Reaction, $1 from a rummage sale
Necklace, from my honeymoon in Gatlinburg (not secondhand)

Liberty is wearing...
Dress by ??? (no tags), secondhand from her mommy (free)
Tights, secondhand from a friend of my mom's (free)
Shoes by George, secondhand from her cousin Taryn (free)
Bonnet, $? secondhand from Goodwill
Bunny ears, from Target (not secondhand)

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Secondhand Fashion Week: Day 6 - Pink and Blue

For Day 6, Liberty is appearing in two different outfits because the one I planned on having her wear ended up being too warm for her to actually wear, but I really wanted her to wear it since it kind of matched mine. So she will be appearing by herself in the dress she actually wore all day (to her cousin's birthday party) and appearing with me in a different dress.

I am wearing...
Pink sweater by Cejon assecories inc., secondhand from my sister-in-law Jen (free
Dress by Old Navy, $5 from Goodwill
Earrings, secondhand from my friend Laura (free)

Liberty is wearing...
Sweater by The Children's Place, 50 cents from a garage sale
Dress and kerchief by Blueberi Boulevard, $3.50 from a garage sale

Here Liberty is wearing...
Sweater and dress by The Children's Place, $3 from a garage sale

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Secondhand Fashion Week: Day 5 - Enjoying Spring

I was really excited yesterday to have my husband home in the afternoon to take our pictures, but then I didn't have time to post them yesterday or today until now! Oh well, better late than never!

I am wearing...
Top by Self Esteem, secondhand from my friend Julie (free)
Cami by delia*s (not secondhand)
Skirt by Faded Glory, $1 from a rummage sale
Ring by Avon, secondhand from my gramma (free)

Liberty is wearing...
Top and pants by Disney Classic Pooh, $3 from a yard sale
Lacy headband, 50 cents from a consignment sale
Shoes by Circo, secondhand from her cousin Taryn (free)

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Secondhand Fashion Week Giveway!

Image: Inspired Boutique

AmandaBeth Online is offering an adorable giveway for handmade fashiony note cards! To learn how to enter, check out the entire post about this giveway: Giveaway 2 - Inspired Boutique Fashion Cards!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Secondhand Fashion Week: Day 4 - Painted Piggies

Liberty is 9 months old today and in celebration of this occasion, she had her toenails painted for the very first time. It was perhaps a bit too optimistic for me to hope that she was old enough to stay still for this process... I end ed up having to repaint several toes... several times. In the end I managed to get some decent looking piggies and then I painted mine to match.

My hair is straight today because I went for a long-overdue trim (my bangs are no longer straggly!) and my stylist blowdried and straightened my hair. This is a rare event for me, so I shall probably celebrate by not washing my hair for several days. :) Anyway, my outfit today is dressy because I wanted a chance to include one of my few pairs of secondhand shoes (I only have one other pair, which will also be making an appearance later in this event). They're strappy sandals that are super cute but kind of uncomfortable (why can't adorable shoes also feel good?!).

I am wearing...
Floral peasant top by ByChoice California, secondhand from my sister-in-law Jen (free)
Black cami by Old Navy (not secondhand)
Rayon gauchos by Geoffrey Beane, secondhand from my mom (free)
Shoes by Mudd, $1 from a rummage sale
Claddagh ring, secondhand from my mom (free)

Liberty is wearing...
Sundress by The Disney Store, $3.50 from a consignment shop
Lacy headband, 50 cents from a consignment sale

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