Thursday, April 1, 2010

Secondhand Fashion Week: Day 4 - Painted Piggies

Liberty is 9 months old today and in celebration of this occasion, she had her toenails painted for the very first time. It was perhaps a bit too optimistic for me to hope that she was old enough to stay still for this process... I end ed up having to repaint several toes... several times. In the end I managed to get some decent looking piggies and then I painted mine to match.

My hair is straight today because I went for a long-overdue trim (my bangs are no longer straggly!) and my stylist blowdried and straightened my hair. This is a rare event for me, so I shall probably celebrate by not washing my hair for several days. :) Anyway, my outfit today is dressy because I wanted a chance to include one of my few pairs of secondhand shoes (I only have one other pair, which will also be making an appearance later in this event). They're strappy sandals that are super cute but kind of uncomfortable (why can't adorable shoes also feel good?!).

I am wearing...
Floral peasant top by ByChoice California, secondhand from my sister-in-law Jen (free)
Black cami by Old Navy (not secondhand)
Rayon gauchos by Geoffrey Beane, secondhand from my mom (free)
Shoes by Mudd, $1 from a rummage sale
Claddagh ring, secondhand from my mom (free)

Liberty is wearing...
Sundress by The Disney Store, $3.50 from a consignment shop
Lacy headband, 50 cents from a consignment sale

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  1. Aw... you fashion posts make me smile every time. I love the red toenails (so cute on Liberty!) the awesome shoes, the GAUCHOS and that adorable little munchkin. Of course. ;)

  2. That little foot! So very very cute!