Sunday, April 4, 2010

Secondhand Fashion Week: Day 6 - Pink and Blue

For Day 6, Liberty is appearing in two different outfits because the one I planned on having her wear ended up being too warm for her to actually wear, but I really wanted her to wear it since it kind of matched mine. So she will be appearing by herself in the dress she actually wore all day (to her cousin's birthday party) and appearing with me in a different dress.

I am wearing...
Pink sweater by Cejon assecories inc., secondhand from my sister-in-law Jen (free
Dress by Old Navy, $5 from Goodwill
Earrings, secondhand from my friend Laura (free)

Liberty is wearing...
Sweater by The Children's Place, 50 cents from a garage sale
Dress and kerchief by Blueberi Boulevard, $3.50 from a garage sale

Here Liberty is wearing...
Sweater and dress by The Children's Place, $3 from a garage sale

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  1. OMG these photos of Liberty in her little bandanna are sooo cute!!! ANd you are beautiful!

  2. Super cute outfits, all three of them.... and Liberty's facial expressions are just too adorable!