Sunday, April 4, 2010

Secondhand Fashion Week: Day 7 - Happy Easter!

Today I must confess that this is not my actual Easter outfit, since what I wanted to wear was brand new (a $50 dress bought for $7 on clearance at Kohl's - YAY!). Later I modelled an outfit that I would ordinarily wear to church were it not a special occasion. Eddie said it looked kind of goth, but in a cute way. I am also wearing a special ring that my Nanona (great-grandma) gave me when I turned 16. I don't wear it often since it's a genuine opal and I worry about shattering it!

Liberty is wearing the same dress that I wore for my first Easter in 1986! The rest of her outfit was obtained more recently than that but is all still secondhand with the exception of the bunny ears in one of the pictures. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Liberty and I together due to a tragic diaper episode that left her entire dress soaked.

I am wearing...
Black top by Canyon River Blues, secondhand from my mom (free)
White cami by Old Navy (not secondhand)
Skirt by Tracy Evans Limited, secondhand from my sister-in-law Jen (free)
Ring, secondhand from my great-grandma (free)
Shoes by Kenneth Cole Reaction, $1 from a rummage sale
Necklace, from my honeymoon in Gatlinburg (not secondhand)

Liberty is wearing...
Dress by ??? (no tags), secondhand from her mommy (free)
Tights, secondhand from a friend of my mom's (free)
Shoes by George, secondhand from her cousin Taryn (free)
Bonnet, $? secondhand from Goodwill
Bunny ears, from Target (not secondhand)

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  1. Love both the outfits. Awwww, bonnets are just too adorable. You kept your little dress in great shape!

    Tragic diaper incidents.... ah yes...

  2. You both are so cute! You look really great in your outfits. And Liberty is just adorable! :)

  3. I love that top! So cute!