Friday, November 11, 2005

Pretending to be Christine

While in Missouri in August, during our costume photo shoot at Julie's, I got to wear the beautiful dress her mom made. It's a replica of the "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" dress that Christine wears in the stage version of "The Phantom of the Opera."

Sometimes it seemed, if I just dreamed, somehow you would be here...

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  1. Wow! Take a deep breath now, relax.

  2. a friend of mine wrote this on predestination. I thought you might appreciate it.
    Theology: So I've been thinking about the Atonement lately. According to Calvinism, Christ died for a specific group of people (the elect) and has actually secured their salvation and forgiveness of all of their sins (past, present, and future) on the cross although it's not appropriated until the determined time in history. All those for whom Christ died will be saved (John 10)
    According to John Sanders' brand of open theism, the cross wasn't "planned" until the very last minute (according to him, Jesus' prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane shows that the cross wasn't foreordained). Now remember, God doesn't exhaustively foreknow the future. Therefore, God never knew that you or I would exist until we were actually born. Taking it a step further, he doesn't know the sins we will commit until we actually perform them. So for John Sanders' open theism, we have an unplanned cruxificion where Jesus dies for people He doesn't know is going to exist and for their sins that He doesn't know they are going to commit. So what does Jesus actually accomplish on the Cross? THE POSSIBILITY OF SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE PERHAPS RELYING UPON JESUS' ATONEMENT FOR THEIR SALVATION!! I see this as being only slightly different than the traditional Arminian view of the Atonement--Jesus died to make all men savable and through His foreknowledge He knows who will actually believe upon Christ for salvation (notice that this makes faith an act of man FIRST before they are included in the elect). So with the Open Theist we have the theoretical possibility that nobody will believe on Christ and thusly His blood will be wasted and we have Jesus dying for some unknown amorphous blob of people. With Arminianism, we have Jesus dying for all men but we know (and Jesus knows) that not everyone will be saved so Jesus has wasted blood on the cross as well since He foreknows who will exercise their free will to believe on Him but He goes ahead and dies for the rest anyway (so in reality hell becomes a double punishment for their sin).
    With Calvinism, Jesus ACTUALLY ACOMPLISHES AND PROCURES AN INFALLIABLE AND IRRESISTABLE SALVATION. With Calvinism, there is no wasted blood. Jesus accomplishes 100% of that which He set out to accomplish.

  3. Did you brake your arm?

  4. Wow, Christi!!! The dress is simply stunning! Georgous! Fascinating! Did Julie's mom use a pattern or a combination of patterns or no pattern at all? I've tried to find some I could use to make that dress, but haven't been successful. Also, is it made out of brocade material? I am really impressed... I would love to make one of my own. Anything you can tell me about it would be much appreciated!

    A friend and I are planning a PoTO Masquerade Ball on January 5th. It's too bad you live so far away! We're in Virginia.

    I linked here from your Xanga, by the way, which I got onto from Emily's Xanga (crumpetsandtea). She and I are good friends.

    It seems you and I have a lot in common (sewing, Civil War reenacting, old movies, PoTO, etc)! If you want to check out my Xanga, go to I have a blogspot, too, but haven't really done anything with it yet.

    God bless!
    ~ Stacey

  5. You make a VERY good Christine, by the way! :o}